Professor Gibson
Prayerful Reflections

A Prayer for the Tired Professor

As the semester comes to an end, I feel compelled to write a prayer for the tired professor.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Bless the weary professor, whose energy ebbs under the weight of the semester. Give them strength to face the end of a season and replenish their energy as it wanes toward the end. Grant them rest as profound as their teachings and peace as enduring as their influence.

In the moments of fatigue, remind them of the sparks of curiosity they kindled and the understanding they nurtured. Give them a glimpse into the futures they shaped. Rejuvenate their spirit so their wisdom and guidance continue to flow freely.

Bless their endeavors, both inside the classroom and beyond, with renewed purpose and joy. May they feel the deep gratitude of those they teach and a rewarding sense of accomplishment in their work.

As they close a chapter, encourage them to take time for self-care and reflection so that they may find balance and renewal. As they impart knowledge to so many, may they also receive — inspiration in moments of doubt, strength in times of weakness, and encouragement in the work ahead.

Let their journey be full in this season. Enrich them as they seek to hibernate in their knowledge. Guide their rest as they recover. And inspire them as they return to shape the minds of the next generation.