Professor Gibson

About Sarah

Sarah Gibson is an award-winning filmmaker, podcaster, new media storyteller, professor, and, most importantly, a mother of two residing in Nashville. Embracing her multi-faceted life, she balances her professional and personal roles with grace and enthusiasm.

As a creative force, Sarah constantly explores innovative storytelling methods, often embracing new technology as an early adopter. Her passion for storytelling is evident in the captivating and engaging content she produces. Her work aims to inspire others and foster a deeper understanding of the human experience while celebrating the beauty, creativity, and tension of life in all its forms.

Sarah Gibson holds a B.S. in Electronic Media from Abilene Christian University and an MFA in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of North Texas. At North Texas, she specialized in documentary filmmaking and contributed to six award-winning films. Sarah co-founded a media production company with her husband at the age of 21.

Initially, the company offered high-quality photography, video, audio, and live production services before evolving to produce a wide array of video and interactive content for children on YouTube and managing an internationally syndicated radio show. Currently, the company seeks to embrace new media innovatively by taking a multi-faceted, digital native approach to storytelling. The company often gives stories a new life by adapting them to various forms and utilizing multiple forms of media.

In 2012, Sarah received the Broadcast Education Association’s Best of Festival King Foundation Award for her interactive documentary, “Steve Taylor’s Digital Clone.”

While her primary focus is on documentary production, video editing, new media production, design thinking, interactive storytelling, data and investigative journalism, web and app development, Sarah is also a published First Amendment scholar. She has been a university professor for more than 15 years. Her mentorship has guided students to produce numerous award-winning projects, demonstrating her dedication to nurturing and inspiring the next generation of creative professionals.

Mission Statement

God put Sarah on this earth to work with the tension of the in-betweens and navigate a road of change so that she can offer discernment and invention, tradition and innovation, strategic thinking and decisive action to bring about individual and collective flourishing in those she meets and works with.