Professor Gibson
Thought Bubbles

Our Story is Born in Darkness, Redemed in Light, and Lead By Transformation

Hello, Redemptive Storytellers,

Our story is born in darkness, and the redemption that follows leads to our transformation. On this Good Friday, let us remember that adversity is not the end of the story, but the start of the journey. As we reflect on the darkness that comes before the light, do not forget that there will always be a Friday, but Sunday is coming.

This Good Friday, as we stand at the crossroads of adversity and renewal, let us remember that the trials we face are not the end of our story but the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

Remembering that darkness comes before light is a powerful reminder that every challenge, every moment of despair, carries the potential for rebirth and renewal. The journey from Good Friday to Easter Sunday is a profound metaphor for the human experience, echoing the universal truth that after hardship comes reward, and after sorrow comes joy.

Hold onto the promise that adversity is transient. Yes, there will always be a Friday – a time when hope seems distant and the weight of our troubles feels insurmountable. But, do not forget, Sunday is coming. Sunday symbolizes the unstoppable force of hope and the invincible power of the human spirit to overcome.

Every moment of darkness is an invitation to grow, to change, and to emerge stronger on the other side. It’s a call to remember that our capacity for resilience is boundless, and our potential for redemption is infinite.

So, on this Good Friday, let us embrace our story in its entirety — both its trials and triumphs. Let us find solace in the knowledge that the road through darkness leads to light, and in our journey of transformation, we are never alone.

There will always be a Friday, but rest assured, Sunday is on the horizon, promising a new beginning.