Professor Gibson
Creative Revisit

Who Wrote It Better

Hello Technology Geeks,

I recently published a piece titled “Midnight Poem,” crafted during a sleepless night. I do not consider myself a poet, but this raw outpouring of thoughts felt too important to keep to myself. After the piece was birthed, my technology side couldn’t stop thinking about how AI might handle this poem.

I turned to AI, curious to see how it might reinterpret my midnight thoughts. So now, I present both versions: the original, born from a restless mind, and the AI’s rendition, a blend of technology and human emotion.

I’m eager to know your thoughts—who wrote it better? Let’s explore the intersection of human vulnerability and artificial intelligence together.

My Version

I do not connect
I cannot take up space.
(to protect you, to save you
from a life where I might let you down)

or worse,
disappoint you
in your life
in your thoughts
in your emotions
in your dreams

I build these walls not to desert you,
(but as not to harm you)

I am a dangerous creature
when let loose, who knows what I will do
I do not want to harm you
(so it’s best I stay a pariah)
locked away in a self-imposed prison
without a key.

These are my thoughts,
overwhelmed by my emotions.
As vast and as big
Often shifting like an ocean.

I am unstable, unsteady,
(at least that is what someone told me)
who this mythical creature was
I do not remember
but the words
have tortured my soul.

Maybe it was fear or doubt
(who deemed me unworthy)
made me unwhole

If you want to get to know me
you must approach carefully
Do not move fast
as you might scare me.

I feel like I am broken
deep down inside
hurting and longing
(so I must hide)
from the world
from you
from life
from the truth

That I may not be as harmful as I thought
I still might not be a lost cause.

People might like me
Respect me
Need me
Even want me around

But even those thoughts scare me
But I am coming to realize
If I am going to be scared either way
Isn’t it better, safer to just let you in

I still do not connect
But I want to
I’m learning to take up space
To support you, to be there for you
To share in the joys of life with you

All while not disappointing myself
In my life
In my thoughts
In my emotions
In my dreams

I am tearing down these walls not to scare you,
(but to try and no longer harm me.)

AI’s Version

I do not connect,
Cannot seem to take up space.
(to protect you, to save you
from a life where I might cause a trace
of letdown) or worse,

disappoint you
in your life,
in your thoughts,
in your emotions,
in your dreams.

I’ve built these walls, not to leave you,
(but so I don’t harm you.)

I am a creature, wild and unsure,
when set free, who knows what may occur.
I do not wish to cause you pain,
(so I choose the life of an outcast,)
sealed in a self-made cell,
key thrown away.

These are my thoughts,
swamped by my emotions,
Expansive, shifting,
like waves in the ocean.

I am told I’m unstable, unsteady,
the namer, now a mystery,
yet their words have lashed at my core,
left me sore.

Perhaps it was fear or doubt
that judged me, found me wanting,
left me feeling less, feeling small.

To know me, to understand,
approach with caution,
Move gently,
lest your speed be my downfall.

I am broken, it seems,
deep within,
full of hurt, full of yearning,
(so I remain hidden,)
from everyone,
from you,
from life,
from what’s true.

Thinking I might not be the threat I feared,
Not quite a lost cause as it appeared.

Others might hold me in regard,
Value me,
Depend on me,
Even enjoy my company.

Yet, the thought frightens me.
But I’m starting to see,
if fear is my constant company,
why not choose the path of bravery?

I still struggle to connect,
But now, I wish to.
Learning to claim my space,
To be with you, to walk with you,
To live life in tandem with you

Without failing myself
In my life,
In my thoughts,
In my emotions,
In my dreams.

I am tearing down these walls, not to unnerve you,
(but to stop harming myself.)