Professor Gibson
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The Thrill of Hope: When a Weary Soul Chooses to Rejoice

Hello Hopeful Souls,

Recently, in a rare but quiet moment of reflection, a line from a cherished Christmas hymn whispered to my heart: “The thrill of hope, the weary soul rejoices.” For some reason, these words resonate deeply as I think back on a year(s) that has left my soul weary. Weary from the constant striving, the relentless spinning of wheels, the aching desire to be accepted, and the hollow feeling of not quite fitting in.

There’s an exhaustion that comes not from doing too much but from trying too hard – trying to mold myself into someone I’m not just to see a flicker of approval in someone’s eyes. It’s a tiredness that sleep doesn’t cure and a loneliness that crowds can’t fill. This year, however, has been a teacher like no other. It has taught me that there is another way to live.

This revelation opened the door to a new space – one where my worth isn’t tied to validation, where belonging starts with self-acceptance. Yes, stepping through this door is frightening; the path beyond it isn’t familiar. But my soul, so fatigued from doing life this way, yearns for a fresh start. I’ve promised myself bravery, not because I feel brave, but because my soul needs hope to thrive again. Let me say that again: I do not feel brave.

I am not fearless. Each step into this new phase of life is taken with doubt, anxiety, and fear not too far behind. But isn’t that the essence of hope? The belief in something better, the chance for renewal, even when the grounds of certainty haven’t been laid. Isn’t hope the act of moving forward regardless of being unsure, but knowing it has to be better than where you are now?

So this song, this melody of hope, has become my anthem as I enter a new year. It reminds me that even a weary soul like mine can find strength in the promise of tomorrow. The upcoming year is my canvas, ready to be painted with hues of hope and growth. And for that, amidst the weariness, my soul begins to feel a flutter of joy and rejoices.

Next year is the year I allow myself to grow, not into someone new, but into the truest version of myself. It is the year my soul feels worthy again. It is the year I reclaim hope. And with this reclaimed hope, my soul, though tired, is learning to rejoice once again.