Professor Gibson
Modern Motherhood

Modern Motherhood: Drawing Inspiration from the Past to Empower Today’s Moms

Hello, lovely readers!

As an artist, I’ve always been fascinated by how the past can inspire the present. In that spirit, I’m incredibly excited to share my latest project with you: “Modern Motherhood.” This six-week series of illustrations takes the powerful and iconic World War II posters and reimagines them for the modern mom, blending the strength and resilience of the past with the challenges faced by today’s mothers.

Drawing Inspiration from the Past

Often referred to as the “Greatest Generation,” the men and women of the World War II era faced extraordinary challenges with courage, determination, and a strong sense of community. The posters of that time, designed to galvanize a nation, now serve as a symbolic representation of that power and shared purpose.

Why This Series Matters

The purpose of the “Modern Motherhood” series is twofold. First, it celebrates modern mothers’ strength, resilience, and resourcefulness. Today’s moms juggle work, family, and personal responsibilities, often with little recognition. By reimagining these iconic posters, I hope to highlight their achievements and remind them that they are part of a larger community of strong, capable women.

Second, this series seeks to bridge the generational gap, highlighting the common threads connecting us across time. While the specific challenges mothers face may change, the underlying themes of strength, determination, and shared purpose remain constant. Drawing inspiration from the past, we can empower and uplift today’s moms as they face unique challenges.

Adding a New Perspective on Motherhood

While motherhood has undoubtedly evolved over the years, the challenge of balancing the needs of our children with our own has remained a constant struggle. We often see WWII or classic 1950s posters portraying women with perfect smiles, immaculate dresses, and flawlessly styled hair, which might make us question our abilities or feel we’re somehow falling short. However, it’s crucial to recognize that these images represent an idealized version of women and motherhood, not an accurate reflection of the day-to-day realities and hardships they faced—hardships that, in many ways, are similar to ours.

In today’s world, social media often presents a curated selection of our best moments, creating a distorted perception of our lives. Similarly, the posters from the past were designed to inspire and motivate, showcasing an ideal rather than reality. With the “Modern Motherhood” series, I aim to bridge this gap, acknowledging mothers’ challenges across generations while celebrating their strength, determination, and resilience. By connecting the past and present, we can find comfort in the knowledge that we are not alone in our struggles and that the community of mothers throughout history has faced—and overcome—similar challenges.

Over the next six-weeks, as the “Modern Motherhood” series progresses, I will continue to explore the parallels between the Greatest Generation and today’s moms, tapping into that wellspring of inspiration to create art that celebrates and supports the incredible women who shape our world.

Stay tuned for more updates on the “Modern Motherhood” series. As always, thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Together, let’s celebrate the strength and resilience of moms everywhere!