Professor Gibson
Creative Work

Balancing Fairness: Parenting, Portraits, and Precious Moments

Hello, fantastic parents,

In my recent flurry of artistic expression, a unique request appeared from an unexpected source. My daughter, after witnessing my latest sketches, piped up in her sweetest voice, “Mom, could you draw me next?” The excitement in her eyes was palpable, and of course, I couldn’t resist.

The Moment Chosen

Deciding which moment to capture was surprisingly easy. I was immediately drawn back to a cherished memory – the Daddy-Daughter Dance. This wasn’t just any night out; it was an enchanting evening filled with laughter, dance, and an undeniable bond that stretched across the dance floor.

The radiant smiles, the spark in her eyes mirroring her dad’s pride, created a moment in time that was pure magic. Transferring that moment onto paper was not just about drawing, it felt like reliving the joy and connection all over again.

Fairness in Parenting

As parents, one of our many jobs is ensuring each child feels seen, heard, and equally loved. With every sketch, I’m not just creating art; I’m immortalizing a moment, encapsulating an emotion. Each sketch becomes a testament to the unique bond I share with the individual in the portrait.

So, when my daughter asked to be the subject of my next sketch, she was not only asking for a drawing; she was asking for recognition. This was an opportunity for her to experience the same attention and celebration her brother had recently enjoyed. This is where parenting becomes a delicate balancing act.

The challenge lies not only in treating children equally but also in recognizing and respecting their unique individuality. Each child is different, each bond is different, and each portrait, therefore, is inherently different. Rather than being a source of conflict, these differences make our family rich and vibrant.

Embrace the Uniqueness

In this parenting journey, fairness isn’t about sameness; it’s about acknowledging and celebrating these differences. It’s about ensuring each child feels loved and valued for who they are.

Ultimately, the portrait I drew wasn’t just a memento of a beautiful evening. It also celebrated my daughter’s unique place in our family and her special relationship with her father. Each stroke was a pledge of love, a reminder of fairness, and a testament to the treasured moments that make parenting the extraordinary journey it is.

Here’s to cherishing these irreplaceable memories and to finding the balance in love, art, and parenting.